Teething Necklace Girl Bear


Crochet teething necklace, Necklace for mom, Eco friendly toy, Breastfeeding necklace, Organic Crochet nursing First birthday gift for Baby


Teething necklace - is a nice accessory for moms as well as for kids. It is an original jewelery and a must-have for every mom. This necklace will entertain your baby while feeding. 

Instead of pulling your hair or biting buttons on your clothes you will have your kid fully concentrated on a bright necklace during breastfeeding or just holding on the hands. 

For this necklace you can also choose a wonderful bracelet, that will complement the image of a mom or her little daughter.

Perfect accessory for a baby wearing mom. You can easily make long-distance walks while your baby will touch each bead, taste it and play with it. During the walk baby will play with the necklace and at the same time develop her or his motoric skills since the beads have different size and texture. Different textures help to evolve your child's fine motor skills and bright colors stimulate the development of visual images.

The teether is a wonderful eco toy for the child, especially during the teething period. 

It is also a very nice present for a mother and for the baby shower.

Natural organic helper during the teething period.

Made of high quality acrylic yarn.

Length of the necklace is 80-90 cm, length is adjustable on the neck.

The toy is fixed to the string. The toy size is 6-7 cm.

Is made of wooden beads that are covered with a cotton thread;

Beads are not fixed and can be moved on the chain;

Juniper beads have a pleasant relaxing scent;

The fast crochet cord has two little beads at the edges to prevent losing beads from the necklace;

Great gift for anyone ages 0+. 

Top quality toy.

Care instructions:

hand wash in slightly warm water with a neutral soap. Dry carefully.

High-quality packaging.

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