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Marcel Red Cat


Cute crochet cat, fantastic decoration, for cat lovers, best friend

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This intelligent boy´s name is Marcel. 

He urgently searches for the owner for pleasant evenings and lovely conversations.

Marcel is a curious and cute creature. He is tender and very friendly. 

He likes to stay with his best friend wherever he is.

This red cat is perfect for be in any type of interior. 

He looks fantastic on a kitchen worktop, in the bedroom, on the dining table, on a country kitchen table, or even in the office and makes a great present for adults as well as for kids.

This tender kid loves to spend time with his friends and bring them joy.

Take with you the charming stuffed Red Cat. With this guy you will always have a nice mood!

Fabulous gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Has 22 cm of height. The main part is soft, pleasant to the touch mohair, filled by EcoFriendly polyester fiber. Arms and legs are based on wire, which allows to fix them in any position. Eyes are made of glass, nose is made of polymer clay.

Can stand, sit alone and change positions.

Top quality toy.

Toy isn't intended for little babies since it has small glass eyes.

Recommended from 6 years.

Care instructions:

hand wash at 30 °C, machine wash gentle or delicate; lay flat to dry.

High-quality packaging.

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